UI annoyances (Low volume)

(Linguiniii) #1

I’d like to suggest two improvements. They are no bugs, but can make the learning process more pleasant.

First, the low volume warning.
Every time I start the app with the low volume - I get the warning. With my headphones I need low volume. So I have to make an extra click every time. To see it once is ok, but people usually know what to do if the volume is too low/missing.
Please, allow users to disable getting this warning in settings or make the app not to show it after one or several times.

Second, the new Shazam pop-up after every review.
The picture is beautiful and the animation is great. No doubts about that. However, I really and honestly don’t need to spend a couple of seconds watching how many hints I received after every review.
Please, allow users to disable this this pop-up in settings.

(Wild Sage) #2

I second both of those.

I would like to opt out of hints altogether. They are just piling up now with this new Shazam feature. I don’t use them so they are just another distraction.

(Linguiniii) #3

I’ve noticed a way to avoid Shazam pop-ups. Just earn 100 hints (current maximum) and don’t spend it.
Not the best way, obviously. I’d still like to get a comment from people in charge regarding the options to hide volume/shazam pop-ups.

(Linguiniii) #4

Hello, Memrise team,
I’d like to remind about volume control nuisance.
Users who are using you android app… For long time… Paying for it… Get this notification every day!!!
Is it so hard to stop displaying it after 3/10/… times? Or add an extra setting to turn off “artificial intelligence”? I already know what to do!

(Fowlersack) #5

Yes, please.
Maybe you can add a box we can tick to stop this message from appearing. An informed user should be able to disable warnings, no?

(Minvs) #6

The “low volume” annoyance is still present.
It covers up the learning information.
Please make it go away. I am very capable to control my volume to my personal needs rather than some obscure choices by your programmers who do not even know every user.

Thank you! A great tool you provide otherwise.