Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS and Memrise

Every time I try to edit my course, I get the yellow bar saying that a script is operating. I click on the stop it button and the yellow bar disappears. However, when I try to add words, I can enter them in the boxes but when I click enter, they will not add. I have had this problem off and on for quite some time. Does anyone know how to solve it permanently? I am using Firefox.

I have benefitted from Ubuntu in the past, so it is good you are testing it for MemRise.

Cc @memrisesupport.

Is there a Chrome version for Ubuntu? If so, I’d suggest you try that as Memrise seems to have developed specifically for Chrome, so there’s a good chance that this could solve your problem …

Thanks Olaf, you may be right, but changing browsers just for one program seems a bit excessive to me.

I know, quite a nuisance. FWIW, I’m using Firefox with Memrise (on Windows) and have not encountered any problems so far.

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Thanks again Olaf. I installed Chromium, which is the Linux version of Chrome. You were right, it works well on it, no problems and much faster too. Much appreciated.

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Great to hear, thanks for sharing and happy learning!