Typing Tests

Hi all,

We’re moving the discussion about typing tests here so we can get clarity on the issues you are facing.

To confirm: We’re not retiring typing tests and are working to iron out any related bugs, increase the percentage of typing tests that appear in sessions and looking at the possibility of giving learners the chance to do typing-only sessions across all courses.

For community-created courses, typing tests should still appear during Classic Review on levels that test on text. Please let us know any examples of courses where typing tests are not behaving as expected.


Please give us this functionality. I´m confident that there is a high demand for it.


You say you’re not retiring typing tests yet when I go to the Beta I get multiple choice on my personally created courses that are set only for typing tests. Can you please explain why that is?

I’ve created a series of personal courses specifically for verb conjugation and multiple choice is not useful. I need to actually recall the spelling of the conjugations.


I really do not understand why you so boldly refuse to let users decide themselves (i. e. a create a setting). Nor do I understand why you insist on creating some sort of smart bit of code that would know better what to present than users themselves.

Why use one word when two will do!


@GattinaNera that’s what we’re trying to get to the bottom of :slightly_smiling_face:Can you please confirm which course(s) this occurs with?

@Olaf.Rabbachin We’re looking at giving learners the chance to do typing-only sessions across all courses, so we haven’t ruled out creating such a setting for this.


Yes, please! Furthermore with the possibility for course creators to create typing only levels, i. e. disabling multiple choice levels.

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The courses created by me are:
100 Regular Portuguese Verbs (presente)
100 Regular Portuguese Verbs (pps)
100 Regular Portuguese Verbs (imperfeito)
100 Irregular Portuguese Verbs (presente)
100 Irregular Portuguese Verbs (pps)
100 Irregular Portuguese Verbs (imperfeito)

They are not public currently.

Also, I reread some of the above posts and it may be I’m not always choosing “classic review” so I will make sure to do that from now on. Earlier I was thinking more that you were referring to the classic memrise (and not the beta). When learning it’s always given multiple choice initially even when set to typing only but reviews always were typing. I’ll confirm that in the next 24 hours and report back.

I just started my review of 100 Regular Portuguese Verbs (presente) clicking on Classic Review and I got multiple choice and typing tests. So it seems it is definitely a bug.

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Please! I think so, too!

@MemriseSupport … will someone be looking into my confirmation that the Classic Review in beta is still doing multiple choice interspersed with typing tests.

I understand multiple choice when you’re learning new but review should always be typing.

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Hi all, we’ve made some changes so users should now see more typing tests on the Beta version. Can you please try again and see if this helps?
If you are still having issues, please post the course url so we can try to debug the problem. Thanks!

The problem isn’t MORE tying tests. The problem is that once you’ve “learned” a word and the course is a typing test only course ALL future reviews should be typing tests.

Multiple choice is not helpful since it’s pretty easy to guess the right one. And the whole reason I choose to have my courses as typing tests is because I need to know how to spell the words especially with accent marks and such.


Please, for once, cut the crap and stop trying to use some overly smart logic to determine whether to show a typing test or a multiple choice test (or the word bank) - just put a setting in the user account or (better) create corresponding buttons in the three dots menu (review w/ MC, review w/ typing, etc.).


Why do you think that your personal perception is what everyone else wants?

Seconded. Considering the variety of courses and differences in individual needs, in general Memrise should work towards more customization. Smart algorithms are nice, but please offer the freedom to turn them on and off. Many thanks. @MemriseSupport

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@MemriseSupport For Memrise’ original purpose, that of learning to memorise a lot of items, I personally find only typing tests to be valuable. I don’t know what you have in mind for the newer Memrise-curated language apps, and you’re apparently re-creating that from scratch now anyway, but I wanted to let you know that this is one of the reasons I mostly never used the mobile app in years, after trying it a bit 5-6 years ago. Without typing tests, I wasn’t learning or remembering things nearly so well, and felt my time was wasted: I was spending more time, but learning less.

For classic memrise community courses, I’d like to never multiple-choice except as a stop-gap when I recently got something wrong, and it’s giving me a chance to re-learn it with a multiple choice test before giving me a typing test to really check whether I remember it. The multiple choice test doesn’t really count.


@ Olaf.Rabbachin

I’m sure other people have other needs. But my courses are non public and setup to be typing tests only. Giving me multiple choice once I’ve “learned” them and they’re up for review is how it’s always behaved in the past. And how it should continue to behave.

While I agree with others that having more customization would be ideal I doubt that’s ever going to happen since they seem hell bent on focusing on beginners rather than advanced language learners who know precisely what they need.


I would like to take a part of this typing test. Please accept me. Thanks!

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Was this whole “we don’t want MORE typing tests, but the option to ONLY review with typing tests like before” thing ever addressed, or is Memrise continuing to be willfully ignorant about what is being requested?

I definitely agree with @Olaf.Rabbachin : let the user chosse: all typing, some typing, no typing, all audio recognition etc at all etc

I totally disagree that all-typing is the only option if you want to learn something… did you ever try really advanced level courses? where one can have various alternatives - total synonyms and partial synonyms, or the item is not fully translatable in other languages etc - but the course can take only one or two??? I have some HSK courses on my plate, where for one English “meeting” one could already type 5 "meeting"s in Mandarin that have been learned in the previous levels… but the course accepts only one of those… what to do… no typing! (and please do not give me that with “contact the creator or curate the course yourself”, please)

as Memrise does not have “official” courses of advanced level, the silly intricacies of all-typing (very good for beginners and intermediate levels) vs some-typing vs no-typing (sometimes the only reasonable option for C1-C2+ levels) are probably a mystery for the team …