Typing tests gone after reinstalling mobile app on iOS

  • Description of the issue:
    I recently deleted and reinstalled the Memrise app on iOS to fix a sync issue. However after the reinstall, I no longer see any typing tests. Before I would see them 50% of the time on classic review, but now I see them 0% of the time. This issue has happened to me before and I fixed it by deleting and reinstalling the app, but it hasn’t worked this time.

  • Your device make and model: iPhone 11

  • OS version: 16.0.2

  • Memrise app version: v2023.2.20.58021

  • Description of steps to reproduce the issue: Delete app, reinstall app, try classic review, observe no typing tests appear

I really wish the mobile and web apps could just have an option that would allow users to select the frequency of typing tests for each course (e.g. never, sometimes, always). It’s been frustrating having to deal with this issue multiple times now.