Typing tests cutting off last letter on correct answers

Starting in recent days, if I type the answer correctly and it is accepted automatically (without hitting Enter), the final letter disappears from the text box.

See screenshot for an example. I typed “la tache” which was automatically marked correct as soon as I typed the final “e” — but the “e” doesn’t show on screen. This has happened with lots of words today during typing tests, but not every word. I can’t see any rhyme or reason to which words are getting cut and which aren’t.

On the surface this is a minor annoyance, but occasionally it makes it unclear as to what the correct spelling should have been. Memrise used to mark a word correct as soon as you typed the last letter of the correct spelling, even if you typed an extra letter at the end — for example, if I typed “effete” it would mark me correct when the spelling should have been “effet”, and the text bar would display the extra “e” in another color. In that case, I’d know I messed up. With these new disappearing final letters, I’m getting confused as to which spelling is correct.

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I am experiencing the same bug with the Russian course- last letter of word doesn’t show. In many Russian words this is not only s difference in pronunciation, but can change the definition of the word entirely. After reporting this, and other bugs, they issued an update that fixed none of the problems. When will these updates improve the functionality of the app rather than render it useless? Used to work fine, now it’s a mess.

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I am also seeing this issue with the Russian course and have been since starting with the App in January 2019.
I like to use the iOS keyboard because the limited Memrise keyboard sometimes make the typing tests too easy, as the available letters act as a hint.

This example from a Difficult Words test highlights the issue quite well.
As you can see, the “O” looks to be missing, even though I typed it and the App accepted it. This behaviour is the same when using Review and New Words, but it can become very confusing to have the final letter not shown.

The same happens when a change is made in the middle of the word too.
iOS: 12.1.2
Model: iPhone 7
Deleting the App and re-downloading does not help.

I’m seeing this same bug in Japanese courses. Since I’m typing with an IME (romaji input, hiragana output), it leads to seeing something like “かかr” instead of “かかる” (because the last letter, “u”, didn’t appear, it didn’t convert the last two letters into “る”). It’s extremely irritating. Unlike OP, however, for me this is happening with every word.

What’s especially terrible is that this topic was posted a year ago, and yet the issue still persists!