Typing sentences only for Classic Review


I am wondering if anybody knows of a way to make it so that in Classic Review on the official courses that you type only?

It is too easy to build a sentence with clicking the words into place for sentences, I want it to be harder for my brain.

I can see in settings, there is an option to disable “tapping tests”, if I were to do so, would this achieve what I am looking for?

I am unsure if it disables the click words into place when learning the new sentences or if it would be for just classic review or if it has nothing to do with what I am asking.

Any views are much appreciated.

Thank You, Gracias, Obrigado/Obrigada, Arigato Gozaimasu, Xie-Xie, Merci, Danke, Peace.

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Only way I know of making all typing answers is to write whole sentences with no artificial spaces and even so it will sometimes make the question into a clickable words. If these are also the official Memrise courses then they control the content.

Now, clickable content is also fine as it’s helpful for quickly building sentences without the need to re-type it all again due to a small typo somewhere.

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If you’re using the web version, there’s an excellent userscript you can add:


Thank you for your input! :grinning:


Yes I am using the web version, I started on the app but prefer to be tied to a phone in as minimal a way as possible and I now exclusively use memrise on the web, which is also why I have started getting involved here on the forums, it being web based. I am yet to look at this link but it sounds great and exactly what I am looking for. I will look to learn about userscripts too, I was unaware this was a thing. Thank you so much. :v:

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I use that one regularly and it’s easy to switch on and off for individual courses. You’ll find details of some others in this topic (not sure if they’re all up to date though):



Yea, the thread you posted previously for the userscript, last had input in 2018 and it’s a little tough to wrap my head around but all things are like that when they are new to oneself. I will be spending some time now, figuring it out. As a small help, I am using firefox and I get the feeling I need something called tamper monkey? Is this the right direction for me to be heading. I am sure youtube will be my friend but I will look at your wiki link. I like the idea of it being customisable per course. I have just tried disable tapping tests option in memrise settings but did not achieve what I am looking for, still had multiple choice in classic review. For me, multiple choice for longer sentences makes me more lazy and does not burn the structure into my brain like it would if I had to type it out against the clock. That is the prime function I am looking for. I don’t know what the disable tapping tests option actually does? Maybe when I learn new words it disables it but not for classic review, certainly not what I need. I am sure I will find what I need with your answer. I can’t wait to award you the solution once I get there because I had no awareness of any of the knowledge you have dropped on me today!

Checking out cooljungles github, you have me sent in the right direction alan! Will report back soon!

You bloomin genius you!!!

Alan, you are a star. It is up and running and was so simple to get done. Immediately I feel my brain power and cognitive functions increasing and expanding beyond measure!!!

You Sir have made my day.

Muito Obrigado, Thank You, Danke, Merci, Gracias, Xie-Xie, Arigato, Peace! :v:

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Not me. It’s @cooljingle who’s the genius. :grinning:

Anyway, glad you’re up and running!


Thank You to Cooljingle and let me instead commend you for being the perfect guide into an unknown land! Cheers mate :+1:


That said, I also believe you have to know the rules in order to break them. Plus, there are some errors that you’ll never convince anyone you did intentionally in the name of style.

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