Typing questions are useless with pre-presented

What is the point of typing questions if Memrise presents a pre-selection of letters? There is absolutely zero effort for the learner if questions are dumbed down to kindergarten level.

I prefer having to actively type the answer without any hint and by using the installed Cyrillic keyboard on my phone.

Why don’t you guys from Memrise stop with this cluttered childish UI and dumb quiz bs and get serious about learning?

If you tap the keyboard symbol (top right) you can use your pop-up keyboard.

What would be good @MemriseSupport is if the provided letters then disappeared.

I like the feature, this way I can (on my phone) type in letters that my keyboard doesn’t support (I use SwiftKey which is limited to 5 languages). However, I do think that there should be an option to at least turn if on/off generally (it would help to have a switch for each language/topic).

RE the keyboard symbol - it used to be “sticky”, meaning that, once you tapped the symbol, the (device’s) keyboard appeared for each and every typing test until you turned it off again. This was “rectified” some 2 or 3 years ago, sadly.
While @James_g_memrise promised several times that they would fix this, it never happened and I got tired of asking for it …

I agree, it would make sense if the keyboard symbol was an "on/ off” switch (like locking the shift key) and it would stay on until touched again (or at least until another course was selected).

I have suggested that a few more incorrect letters ought to be listed, rather than on occasions it’s (almost) just a case of putting all the letters in the right order until you get it right.

it’s fixed on the new version of Memrise for official courses which some Android users now have, for a while we were going to use the rebuilt learning sessions for all users, but unfortunately there were several delightful quirks with community courses which would have meant a lot more work, so community course lessons will stay as they are for longer

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