Typing-only Sessions for Classic Review

Thanks to your feedback, we’d like to announce a new typing test setting which allows you to test on typing only in Classic Review sessions*.

*This requires the course creator to have typing tests enabled for that course and for the course to be teaching text-based items.

You can toggle this setting on/off in your learning settings.

If you’re a course creator and you’d like to see typing tests on your text-based courses, please make sure you enable the typing tests for the column being taught in the course editor. See full instructions here.

  • This is currently only available on web and not in the Memrise app.
  • The setting doesn’t currently affect any other session types, for example Listening Skills or Learn With Locals.
  • Enabling this setting will affect all your text-based courses i.e. it’s not possible to apply it to individual courses.

When we’ve tested it internally we’ve found it much harder, so we’re keen to hear how you get on!


Seems to work great! Thank you for listening to the requests and adding this option.
Will this feature also come to the mobile apps at some point?


Sorry, but this is very much a backward step.There are some courses where I prefer all-typing and some where I do not. Please give us the ability to enable this setting for individual courses without having to visit “Settings” to toggle on and off before reviewing individual courses. This was a simple action when the ‘all-typing’ userscipt was available.


Well, the very same applies to the number of words to be learned in a session - I use 3, 5 and 10 and I already asked several times to at least change this to be available as a per-course setting.
But the only per-course setting so far seems to be the “daily goal”.

In fact I would rather have the ability to have buttons to "learn 1 word " … “learn 10 words”.
The same applies to review sessions where it would be great to have both a “typing only review” and a “review” button. But I fear there’s only a very little chance that we’ll see that …

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Now if we could just get a setting to disable all the new changes and go back to when it was good.