Typing in by pencil button un the app

When i do not recall a (new) word in Japanese or do not know exactly how to write this, memrise has the option to reveal the word blindly typing the characters one by one : this works, only it is still a word that i do NOT KNOW for 100%. Only memrise sees this as a “good answer”, that i could only constructed by typing in at the pencel-button. And obviously this was a good answer.
So this word is not moved to the “difficult word” list and that is, as far as I know a missed chance to learn, because ( me anuway) learn better this in the “difficult word” section.
And second: when i fully type in the word it is gone just after typing in the last character, even I (waiting for the whole word) can not read the word as a whole after typing the pencil-butten some times.

My workaround is to type in just 3 or 2 characters (so it is wrong) … only this can be done better by move it always tot the “difficult word list”, because it was difficult and I had to type it

(Sorry for my English )
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