Typing course, coming up with picture multiple choice

(Tampora) #1

With my latest course that I’ve created “Dog Breeds”, for some reason on the first level of the course it isn’t coming up with a way to answer by typing, it is only showing four pictures as a multiple choice.
But on my last level of the course when answering it allows me to type the answer.
Both levels are using the same database, the whole course is supposed to be “typing only” as that is the way I have set the course up, the same way I have set up all of my other courses which work fine.

Can someone please let me know what is going on with my course if possible?, as it is hindering my learning at the moment, as I don’t find multiple choice solidifies things that well and I am also trying to learn the spellings of the dogs and can’t do that with multiple choice.

Here is the course that it is happening with:

(Thomas Heiss) #2

(Tampora) #3

Thanks, not sure why random courses are affected this way and for some reason turn into multiple choice.

I’m not too sure though how to install a user script thing, :weary: hmm, might have to give it a try though if it has been a known bug for that long with no fix though. :tired_face:

(Thomas Heiss) #4

If you install the Tampermonkey addon for your browser (which one?):

You just have to press on the RAW .JS file link (e.g github.com repository) and which will auto-show a popup dialog from the Tampermonkey addon if you want to install this script (which version, what code or changes).

It really isn’t too complicated…give it a try.

(Tampora) #5

Ok, will do.
Thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

Hmm, have just been reading though that it comes with adware and other things that are undesirable that run in the background… Or maybe people just mean that some of the scripts do that. :thinking: