Type errors in french a1-b2

sex, sèche as opposed to sec, sèche
prendre und douche as opposed to prendre une douche
desinataire as opposed to distinataire

please fix …

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Could you give a link the the course, please?

Hope this link and screenshot helps:??

Yes, that helps.

@Artaeimis konnten Sie das bitte korrigieren.

You can request contributor access if you want to make these changes yourself, as @Artaeimis isn’t on the forums. Only Memrise staff can contact them.

For anyone else reading, here is the link:

Interesting course! @belle_vue - if you don’t care about becoming a contributor yourself I’d be happy to do that in your place.

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Well, no…I don’t want to become a contributor…

OK. I’ve requested to become a contributor (see here).

two more typos:

la fulte as oppesed to la fuite ( letter “l” was hit instead of letter “i”)
flancé as opposed to fiancé (some story :-()