Two of the same answers

I’ve never had this happen before. What do I do if there are two correct answers? No matter which one I pick, it marks it wrong.

Aw man, I think this was the same word that was having trouble earlier. Thanks for notifying me; I’ll look into it. Please do comment again if I don’t get back to you in a couple of days. Thanks!

Unfortunately I don’t see anything in the course that would explain this issue. It seems like a similar problem previously discussed in the course forum here that seems to afflict other Memrise courses as well; that post includes links to other posts that describe the problem and a script to try to solve it. Here is Memrise’s bug reporting page that you can use to report this, and hopefully Memrise’s tech team can get this resolved for this and other Memrise courses! I’m sorry this wasn’t more helpful. :frowning:

If you experience any other issues with my courses, please feel free to head over to our course forum just so we can keep everything together. Thanks! :slight_smile: