Two different Memrise Russian Level 1 courses?


I started learning Russian recently and I somehow started a second Russian Level 1 course by memrise and it seems like it’s a different course than I started.

Course 1123052 has 237 words

Course 2141922 has 563 words

What are the differences between this courses? Is one course older than the other?

Thank you

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Ah. Let me explain. Recently in a forum post, Memrise announced that there will be new courses for seceral courses. Russian wasn’t listed, but may have had an upgrade. OR there may be an English UK and US version. :man_shrugging:

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I’m in the same situation and I’ve noticed that as well. The fact that the “old” Russian 1 image appears faded seems to hint that it’s been replaced by the other one.

I suspect that they reworked the course but didn’t want to replace the old one completely so that people in our situation wouldn’t lose their progress. I’m currently almost done with Russian 2 (which also has 2 versions available) so I’m not sure what I’m going to do, I’m considering restarting from Russian 1 on the newer series since it seems to contain significantly more vocab.