Turn off scrambled letters?

The scrambled letters that appear below an exercise are really giving the answers away too easily for me. Specifically I am working on a Flags of the world course, and as soon as I see the letters they give away the answer for me. Is there no way to turn that off?


You could try the web version of Decks, it also works well on mobile via your browser. And you don’t get the onboard scrambled keyboard. At least, that is what happened when I used Decks for a Swedish course.

I think I tried Decks online already. Looked the same as Memrise for me.

In the meantime, as a workaround, you can use a tool such as ‘Adblock Plus’ (or similar) which will allow you to block that element of the screen. A word of caution, though. If you set it for your flags course, it will also apply to all of your other courses. It’s easy to remove if/when you need to.

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The on-screen keyboard is added automatically durings tests unless the course creator chooses to add a keyboard to the tested column.

Add this filter to an adblocker to remove those keyboard letters:
Even though it appears as a link on this forum, it is not. Just copy and paste the line above into the filter list of an adblocker.

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