Turn off mems?

“Mems” aren’t for everyone. What’s a mnemonic for one person may be a distraction or even misdirection for another - or simply an annoyance. I have made mistakes BECAUSE OF some of the mems in some of the Icelandic contributed courses, and some of the Russian mems seem to me as though you’d only remember them if you already speak Russian.

Can we please have an option to turn off seeing other people’s mems? I find most of them AT BEST not helpful.

Hi @alareikhsgothemund,

You can do this from the website but you may need to scroll down to see the checkbox that you need to ‘uncheck’. It looks like this:

It should then sync across to the app but you may need to log out and back in again for it to take effect. On the Android app, the mem becomes faded and is partially obscured by the “Help me remember this” message.

Good luck!


Thanks Alan! I’ll see if I can find that.