Turn off kanji

I’m just learning Japanese and was wondering how to turn off the kanji in the pro version - I’ve only just learnt hiragana!
Memorising these complex kanji straight up is too hard!

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There are a number of other websites and apps that specifically teach kanji using SRS, such as KanjiDamage (which is free) and WaniKani (which is free for the first three levels as a sample, then subscription-based with occasional sales on lifetime subscriptions).

I’ve used the latter for the last year-and-a-bit, and would personally recommend trying it; it seems to work well for some and less so for others.

If you want to learn only hiragana or only katakana, just search other courses. There are hiragana and katakana alone, and you can use rtk method for kanji. Its best way to learn japanese but after you finish understanding, you will start reading. So, the best way is the most boring way actually. If you are serious about learning japanese, use this method.
Note to you: kanji is really hard if you dont use rtk method. Im learning like 40-80 kanji per day with this method, before this method, it was 3-10 kanji per day.