Turn off kanji

I’m just learning Japanese and was wondering how to turn off the kanji in the pro version - I’ve only just learnt hiragana!
Memorising these complex kanji straight up is too hard!


There are a number of other websites and apps that specifically teach kanji using SRS, such as KanjiDamage (which is free) and WaniKani (which is free for the first three levels as a sample, then subscription-based with occasional sales on lifetime subscriptions).

I’ve used the latter for the last year-and-a-bit, and would personally recommend trying it; it seems to work well for some and less so for others.

If you want to learn only hiragana or only katakana, just search other courses. There are hiragana and katakana alone, and you can use rtk method for kanji. Its best way to learn japanese but after you finish understanding, you will start reading. So, the best way is the most boring way actually. If you are serious about learning japanese, use this method.
Note to you: kanji is really hard if you dont use rtk method. Im learning like 40-80 kanji per day with this method, before this method, it was 3-10 kanji per day.

What’s the “rtk” method?

I believe what @By_Furkan34 is referring to when they say “RTK” method is “Remembering The Kanji.

These are a series of books that engage pictorial and imaginative memory to remember kanji. Essentially it moves away from readings and instead focuses on teaching core meanings and stroke orders.


Actually, I found it after I posted that. I tried reading one sample chapter online, but I really don’t think it would work for me. The mnemonics used don’t make sense in some cases. Personally I would rather have the actual meanings of the radicals - the original meanings - instead of invented ones. The “a baseball bat for a flagpole” image for example for 旭, is not one that resonates for me.

Glad that you found it and had a look into it! Yes, several ways to learn and different ways for different people. Good luck in your studies.

Learning kanji is extremely critical. You cannot read or play video games without knowing kanji, and following japanese subtitles, which is a god damn blessing with learning Japanese, will all be impossible without kanji. i never did the official courses, so I can’t comment on them, but learning kanji is hard without learning all their english meanings first. I personally learned them with this course

If you’re using the app, you will need to click learn course in the web browser. After that, it will be added to your app like any other course. This might seem pointless at first, but trust me, it will make you remember every kanji very well when it comes to learning all the vocab. I only did this course for a year a few years ago and still remember every kanji perfectly.

I’m afraid the use of Kanji has really turned me off using Memrise. It’s way too advanced for a beginner.
If you must use it, can you at least consider using furigana for those of us who are not studying Japanese formally? Otherwise there’s really no point.

Why not take the official No Script courses memrise offer for this precise reason?

No good; it’s all Romaji, which is pointless. I’ve dropped Memrise now as it has no effective bridging program from basic to advanced.
Please tell the developers to get some advice on 2nd language acquisition practices.

Kanji is the most difficult part of Japanese, but it is also the most important part. So what I did is made a feature request at memrise.zendesk.com that goes to their support personnel with the following suggestions:

Adding furigana to kanji.

Showing the kanji actually being written then vocalized (ala the kana lessons in course 0).

Writing out the way the kanji is said with kana, and vice versa (choosing the kanji that matches a kana phrase).

I think this would be a much more effective way of getting the devs to make changes than making posts here.

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Yes, this made me request a refund for my Memrise Pro subscription. Which quite sad, because apart from that the Memrise courses are awesome.

That would be a useful way to be able go through the course without memorizing all the kanji right off the bat.