Turn off Grammarbot and Chatbot

Is there any way to turn these off? They just repeat the same couple of bots, and I am getting tired of cancelling them every time they come up. Sometimes up to ten times in a row before I can start the next lesson.

Just don’t use them!

They come up at the end of each learning session. I can ‘not use them’ but that means I have to click on them, wait for them to load and then cancel them with the “X” in the upper right corner. When that happens multiple times after most lessions, it’s time consuming and frustrating.
The alternative is to select each type of lesson individually, but then the course is no longer self guided.

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While you may perceive the automatic as a “guided tour”, this isn’t the case. The only pattern I’ve ever seen behind this was that a classic review is offered prior to learning new words. Everything else seems pretty random.
That said, just go your own way - I, personally, always tap the three dots (in the Android app which I use most of the time) and select whatever I see fit.

So, a suggestion for Memrise, don’t add multiple chatbots and grammerbots at the end of each session if you have only developed two of each, or come up with a way to turn them off.


I agree. Memrise can you please give us an option to turn the Grammarbots off. They are annoying!

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