Turkish-English 3 Level 14 metre=metre wrong

Turkish-English 3 Level 14 metre=metre wrong,
should be

metre (tr) = meter (eng)
santimetre > centiMETRE >>centiMETER
kilometre > kiloMETRE >> kiloMETER

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Which course is this, e.g. Turkish for English speakers?
Please post a link to the course, since there might be many Turkish courses, and the creator/contributor might not see your post otherwise. Also, some courses have course forums (search for the title, using the spyglass left top, next to the menu and profile icon) - if there is a forum, that is the place to go with a high chance of response.

The course is Turkish-English 3 Level 14 https://www.memrise.com/course/1096916/ingilizce-3/14/


This is a course for British English, that is how we spell “metre” and “centimetre”. In American English it is spelt “meter” and “centimeter”.

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