Turkish course on the base of Russian

Merhaba! I’ve made an observation concerning the course above. The system offers to translate the word “хорошо”. This word has 2 meanings in Russian: 1) good (means condition). 2) consent, approval in something. My answer is “iyi”. But Memrise marks my answer as a mistake (the system implies the answer “tamam”). Is it possible to specify the tasks so that to avoid such discrepancies? Same situation with the word “peki”, which is marked in task as “хорошо” with exclamation (!).
Thank you very much in advance!
Çok teşekkürler!

Hi, I guess the translation doesn’t mark the correct meaning of word/phrase in following cases:
Привет, кажется переводы не совсем выражают точное значение слова или фразы.
Предлагаю следующие варианты (мои изменения выделены жирным шрифтом):

Турецкий 3 - Level 20
телевидение; телевизор

Турецкий 2 - Level 3
tatlı olarak ne var?
что за десерт имеется?

Турецкий 3 - Level 14
şarj aleti
зарядное устройство

Турецкий 1 - Level 1
ладно!; хорошо!

Турецкий 3 - Level 12
oturma odası
(жилая) комната; салон; гостиная

I wonder if anyone from the Memrise staff is there?

I’ve got a number (not just one!) of errors even in Turkish-1, but seeing that there is no answer for ages, I don’t know if it worths it to write them down in detail…


“-i” - “definite article” (sorry, but what?!)
“yağı and tereyağı” - have the same translation to Russian (really?!)
“-den” is “что” (facepalm)