Tschechisch-Deutsch (Duolingo)


I would like to help repair some errors in this course:

I reached out to the course creator, tbiedl, both via a forum PM on March 20 and last week via an email to the yahoo.com address given in the course description; I included a list of errors I had found so far in the Czech. (All involve diacritics.) I haven’t heard back; I’m not sure tbiedl has been active on Memrise recently, but I’m not certain. (Happy to post the list if needed.)

I have found the course very useful as review of material in the Duolingo Czech course, and I know enough German for these purposes; I would appreciate being able to fix these and any other errors I run across.

I hope this is enough information given the pinned forum post. Thank you.


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@tbiedl Have you seen this request?

(I see he is active in the Forum - Joined Nov 25, '17 and Read 15m.)


You got my hopes up! But the 15 minutes seems to refer to how long tbiedl has read posts? (When I click on tbiedl’s forum profile, I see “15m read time” - i.e since tbiedl joined the Forum - and also what I take it is a last “seen” date of January 4, 2018? That’s what I understood when I had contacted tbiedl previously.) Well, I hope you’re right.


Apologies - you are right :frowning:
I didn’t look at the full profile - which also (as you say) shows [last] “Seen Jan 4, '18”
I have invited both @tbiedl and MemRise Support to this topic.

Perhaps one of the MemRise Team can help as you’ve done all the correct steps.
Cc @MemriseSupport

Thank you, DW7 -

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Hello anoulipo,

thanks for your comments and corrections. I’m very swamped with other things right now (and these days I’m doing a lot more Spanish than Czech), so that I have no idea when I’ll come around to correcting those errors. Do you know whether there is a way to make you a co-creater in decks (or whatever it’s called now) so you could do them yourself?


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Dear tbiedl,

thank you very much for your post! I think your response to this thread might be enough to allow me to make these corrections; I’ll copy


to be sure. And thanks for making an excellent course!


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Hi @tbiedl, if you’d like @anoulipo to have access to make amendments then

Go to course > Edit > click Contributors > add his name without @ > Click ADD - make sure it works ie you can see his name > VITAL now SAVE it > back to course.

Please let Anoulipo and myself know if that works or not.

PS Tbiedl - please can you create a [Course Forum] under Decks German so you both and others can keep in touch. (This thread is best only for requests to become Contributors.)

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Thank you, @DW7. One small point - the forum should go in the “Other Slavic Languages” category, yes? - the focus of the course is Czech, not German.

@tbiedl, I’m happy to do that if you like.


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I didn’t realise that.

If it’s for Czech speakers to learn German, I’d be tempted to add it to German but not sure.

Perhaps call it

[Course Forum] Tschechisch-Deutsch (Duolingo) for Czech speakers by Tbiedl

It would be best if he created it but you can Anaulipo but make sure you invite him.

Also add a link to the course as you have above.

You could always add a forum to both Czech and German language areas!

@MemriseSupport - please can you advise.

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I notice that as of today I have contributor status for the course; on another thread the Memrise staff noted that they would act on abandoned courses next week, so I imagine this was done by @tbiedl (thank you!) Thanks again to @DW7 for assistance. I will start a forum for the course and beginning making corrections in a day or two; in the meantime, @MemriseSupport this is now a resolved issue.



Great, and thank you for planning to create a [Course Forum] (unless @tbiedl creates one first :wink: ).

Also you might like to consider adding your icon or image and some description to your name as used here. (Just hover on some names to get the feel of it.)