Trying to get a refund, within 30 days of renewal period, not working

I have been trying to contact support to get a refund on the $59 it charged me to renew my subscription. I am within thirty days of this charge, but says I am not eligible… I payed for a full year of subscription last year and didn’t end up using the pro features enough to justify the membership, so I tried canceling last year, but it doesn’t seem to have worked because I was charged today. I did manage to cancel the subscription properly today, but I would like a refund because I was still charged the $59. I have graduate school, food, and rent to pay for, so every little bit is significant to me. I’ve tried using the “contact us” button and have submitted emails, but the responses seem automated and aren’t of any help.

Please help!


Anders Moen
Username: AndersMoen95