Trying to create my first course and getting this error

(David Manvell25) #1

Happens when I try the speed review or the practice your listening skills. The main course itself seems to be working. What are the reasons this could be happening?

This is on the website. On the app I can use the speed review but if I try to use the practice listening skills it says I must learn more words before I can use that option.

Also not really related but what do the databases do? I’ve seen several videos of people making courses and they all load databases but they don’t explain what they are for.

(𝕄eͥmrͣiͫรe ) #2

Can you send me a link to the course?

(David Manvell25) #3

Hopefully this link works.

I made you a contributor or whatever so you can look.

(David Manvell25) #4

Any luck with this?