Trying to buy the lifetime subscription through paypal but "An error with code 404 occurred"

Hi, I’ve been trying to buy a Memrise lifetime subscription through Paypal for a few weeks and so far it’s returning me the error message “An error with code 404 occurred” just after click “check out with Paypal”. I tried to contact Memrise directly using the contact form but they simply don’t answer.


maybe the cookies ? .
have you checked your email ?.

just a user passing by

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Definitely not cookies since i clean it up and tried with 3 different browsers (chrome, firefox and edge) and i checked my email / spam box and unfortunately there is nothing over there.

oh sorry i should have clarified i meant enabling cookies from the browser … and maybe try on mobile ?

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I also tried on ipad and samsung smartphone with the same result. Could you try out to see if you get the same error ? Thanks

I’ll tag @MemriseSupport for you - they should be able to help you obtain a sub.

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Hi @renanpoco, really sorry you’re facing some issues subscribing. In the past, we have experienced some users having issues processing payments via PayPal unless a credit/debit card has been linked to their account. Can you please check if this might be the case?

If the issue persists, please try the following:

  • Consider paying with a different payment method
  • Contact your bank or payment provider for further details on potential restrictions on your card/Paypal account.

If you keep experiencing issues after trying all the steps above, please contact us here and we’ll look into this for you :slightly_smiling_face:

Best wishes,
Memrise team.


I have two different credit cards in my paypal account (Visa/Mastercard) and i do a lot of transactions like that so the problem clearly is not with paypal but with your website.


I’ve had a look, but can’t find the backend log of the error.

I’ve sent you an email with some follow up quesitons so I can find it!