Trouble with adding words when creating a new course

Dear Decks/Memrise team

Recently I’ve encountered a problem with adding Words when creating a course.
Try to create a new Word in the “levels” Tab doesn’t work most of the time. When clicking on the + icon it either takes a while to show up above, or it doesn’t show up at all and gets lost. Then I have to retype it again and hope that it works (see image).

I tired to create the words under the “Database” Tab, but the problem still persists.

Is this a problem with the server, or is it one on my end?


Did you actually Save your data after you finished editing?

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The same problem

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I’m having the same problem. Adding new words to lists is almost completely unresponsive.

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@MemriseSupport, @MemriseMatty, @JBorrego: can you assist please?



Thanks for reporting this issue.

We have created a ticket for our developers. We’ll update you as soon as this is fixed. :slight_smile:

In the meanwhile, you should still be able to add items to your courses, though you will have to wait a couple of seconds before they’re saved. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Best wishes,
Memrise team.


I am also continually having issues with “auto learn” and/or learning new words in any course that I have created, only for the past 24-36 hours however. There have also been issues with adding new words in bulk, however that is on and off.

Edit: Lol my bad, learn new words was only having an issue because of the size of my levels. The add new words delay appears to still be an issue though?

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I’ve also got the Bulk Add problems as well, making it impossible to add to courses or create new courses.
I’m also experiencing the same problems with the learning new words/reviewing words on some courses as well and haven’t been able to review on some courses for a few days now.

Hopefully this all gets fixed soon so I can continue my learning. :slightly_smiling_face:


I cannot use Bulk upload either anymore, and adding items one by one seems completely broken. Sometimes a word gets added, sometimes it doesn’t, sometimes the entire UI starts to flip out.

Perhaps rollback a deployment, this seems pretty serious :slight_smile:

This bug is annoying as hell. It’s very hard now to add new words, waiting does not help much.

Could you assign your programmers to solve this issue as soon as possible?


It looks like there is still no fix to that. When I try to bulk add the words in the level course it comes back with an error message and word do not show up. However checking the database, it seems to have uploaded some of the words several times but not all of them.
Please @MemriseSupport let us know if you’re still trying to work on a fix and if you have a timeframe for that ?

Edit - single words update seems to be affected now too. Worked for a few words and now I need to add he word 10 times to make it stick. :frowning:

@MemriseSupport : Still not working. It’s been a week now. Do you have any new information for us please ? It’s very frustrating…

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I’m also having this issue.

In the meanwhile, you should still be able to add items to your courses, though you will have to wait a couple of seconds before they’re saved.

Unhelpful. It’s not just a couple of seconds for me, it’s like 10 or more seconds per word… and that’s if the word is saved on the first typing at all. Most of the time I have to re-do it several times before it registers.

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I have problems with decks too, I am only able to upload up to 6 words at a time

I confirm. 6 work.

I even managed to go up to 12 words at once, it was quite slow to process but it worked.

It seems things are improving… I guess.

Ok @MemriseSupport it’s still not working.

What’s your status regarding the upcoming improvements ??

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Hello! We are trying to get this fixed as we speak. Again, apologies for the inconveniences. I will keep you posted with status updates


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This issue should now be fixed. You should be able to add new words as before.

Apologies for the inconveniences this has caused and thank you for all the info!


Seems to be working for me.

Glad you guys could fix this, my grades are therefore saved!
I really appreciate the effort, thank you Memrise Team :slight_smile:


Still not working for me, got this again “Sorry, there was an error in adding your words - however, some of them may have saved.”… :frowning_face:

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