[Tropical Coral Reef Fish] - Wrasses re-done

Over the past week I re-did the wrasse section. Lots more photos, a bunch more species, and a new informational level about wrasses.

Newly added wrasse species:

Blackear wrasse - separate items for juvenile, initial, and terminal phases
Clown wrasse, +juveniles separately
Hogfish - initial and terminal phases
Puddingwife - juvenile and initial phases
Cortez rainbow wrasse - initial and terminal phases
Fivestripe wrasse
Hoeven’s wrasse aka Melanurus wrasse
Moon wrasse aka Crescent wrasse
White-spotted wrasse

This brings the total number of wrasse species to 36, and the total number of species in the whole course to 221.

Also, these three wrasse species used to each have all their phases lumped into one course item, because I didn’t have enough photos, but I’ve now split them up into separate items for different-looking phases:

Yellowhead wrasse
Slippery dick
Mexican hogfish

A month ago, there were about 300 wrasse photos in the course. I’ve more than doubled that, with nearly 500 new photos, which includes photos of the new species and many more photos of species that were already there.

To keep the levels from getting unmanageably long, I split up the wrasses into two pairs of levels instead of one - Atlantic wrasses (including Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico), and Pacific wrasses (including Indo-Pacific, eastern Pacific, and Hawaii).

Reading your message, counting the number of occurrences for the word wrasse, realizing not having a clue what you were talking about, I could simply not not look up its meaning. I did learn something today. Thank you :joy:

Heh. Just click the link above, to read my new informational level about wrasses.

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