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Hello, Ignacio

I’ve run into a translation error in the European Portuguese course: European Portuguese 2, Level 14

The translation for “nuts” is “frutos secos” in the course. I believe that is used for raisins, prunes etc (dried fruit)

I believe the commonly used term for nuts in European Portuguese is “nozes”

This is important for people who allergic to nuts. The hospital would think that they were allergic to raisins. LOL!

Could you look into this? Thanks a bunch.

Cristina da Silva

Hi @CristinadaSilva68

For the official PT EU 1-7 series this would be the related thread to report errors: [Course Forum] Portuguese (European) 1 to 7 by Memrise

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Thank you. I’ll post it there, Thomas

The topic author has re-posted this question in the official Portuguese forum (here), and your question was answered by IgCostaBR (Brazilian Portuguese Ambassador at Memrise).