Translation mistakes - Russian language for Japanese user

Thank you for an amazing app. I’ve found following translation errors in the Russian course for Japanese.
Please consider revising.

Russian4 LEVEL4
я написал книгу два года назад.
Current: 私は2年前本を買いました
Correct: 私は2年前に本を書きました
*To say “2年前に” is normal expression. Only “2年前” is not bad, but too much casual.
*“напсать” is “書く (write)” in Japanese, not “買う(buy)”

он очень хорошо говорил по-английски
Current: 彼は上手に英語を話しました
Correct: 彼はとても上手に英語を話しました
*the lack of translating “очень” = "とても (very) "

Russian3 LEVEL26
Current: そだ
Correct: ソファ
*the word “そだ” doesn’t exist in Japanese language.

Thank you!

@KanaTsumoto Could you please check this out?

Hi @Shinshin47

Thank you for your detailed explanations! They have been fixed now.
You will have to log out and log in again to see the changes. Thank you!

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