Translation mistake: russian/ polish

Hello Memrise,
I found a small translation mistake in “Russian 2” course, specifically on Level 5 - Zakup zaopatrzenia.
The word банк is translated as "bankomat ". But this is wrong, I would say, it must be “bank”.

Kind regards

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Sorry @morawiec7711, but using a reliable translation site (use this for future translations :slight_smile: please) . The translation is not wrong. You may just find the translation site you used wrong

Sorry, ML

If you do want to report this to the Admins I can @Lien @MemriseMatty . But it isnt wrong

Hello @morawiec7711,

Thank you for reporting this and of course you are right, it should be translated as “bank” and it was probably my own mistake, caused by an automatic replacement of the word “bank” with “bankomat”, so I sincerely apologise for having missed that during the QA.

@angileptol Could you please change that translation in the course?
The word “банк” should read “bank” in Polish.

Thank you!

Sorry i thought u meant it meant bankomat