Translation error / french 3 / french-german

Hi, two different french entries are connected to the same german translation.

  1. S’intéresser à = sich für etwas interessieren
  2. Être intéressé par = sich für etwas interessieren
    I would recommend that “Être intéressé par” is translated to “an etwas interessiert sein”.
    This is the link of the corse:

Thanks a lot and have a nice day.


Hi @lucymizultra, thanks for your post! If you have spotted an error on an official Memrise course, please fill in this form with the details: This will then be reviewed by our content team, who will make any necessary changes at the earliest availability :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow, two years, feels like time travel! :smiley:

@Olaf.Rabbachin Ah, my mistake! :smiley: It had been brought to the top of the feed by a now deleted post. Hopefully it will still prove useful for someone! :sweat_smile: