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In the section “Courses you learnt the most in the last 60 days” Just before I sleep, I reach 64 Learning Hours, then I wake up in the next morning, I find it 63 instead of 64…I’ve been seeing this for a month now…Any Suggestions pls?

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Try contacting an Admin if it seems like a problem for you, I suggest waiting a bit to see if it stops itself, but if it concerns you try using the @ symbol followed by the Admins name you want to contact e.g. @Lien in any reply and they eventually will come along and try to fix your problem, it might be a glitch just for you as an individual user, I highly doubt it though . To be honest it doesn’t sound like a problem but nevertheless if its a problem for you then contact an Admin if you like. I hope this information will help you :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the tag @MarshallLanguages!

Hi @TheoRockey65,

Sorry to hear you’re having some trouble.
It sounds like this could be timezone related. In the past, we’ve come across similar issues where our system has trouble syncing with certain timezone settings.

Would you mind testing it with different timezone settings over the next few days? If so, please keep me updated on the outcome via this thread or PM.
You could start with a different option in your current timezone. If that doesn’t make a difference, you could try a different timezone (preferably one that’s just one hour off your current timezone as to not complicate things too much for yourself).
Once we have a better understanding of the logic behind this issue, our developers can then further investigate.

Although we’ll try our best to look into it asap, it may be categorised as ‘low priority’. Unless we receive similar reports, it could thus take a while to get resolved.

Best wishes,


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Thanks for the mention @Lien, :smile: always happy to help the Memrise community