Им и их


I was wondering whether “им” means “them” and is 3. person, plural and dative? That’s what I found on leo.org.
And is “их” the Russian word for “them” and is 3. person, plural and accusative? I also found this on leo.org.

However, in course Russian 1 (Level 12) it is shown differently… (“им” as accusative and “их” as genitive).

Can anyone tell me which one is right?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:



…What I almost forgot - I’m using the German translation… Just in case it’s different in the English one :thinking:

In Russian grammar exist stuffs named “Падежи”, “им” is from “Дательного падежа” example “Дать им”,“отдать им”(give them) by default is stuff “for giving” when “их” may used as “this is their thing” or as action with persons, example “взять их”(take them),“это их вещь”(this is their thing) .


I think I get the drift. I’ll have to look closer at this topic but for practical use you’ve explained it very well! Thank you :slight_smile: :+1:t3: