Top hindi font cut off in review mode (and Tibetan too)

The top of the Hindi Characters are usually cut off for the Hindi (Devanagari) script.


  1. Start learning
  3. Start any level containing with an ि or ी or ँ. (e.g. Level 11 बाँज or level 1 विद्यार्थी).
  4. For convenience, ignore all except the words you want to verify this issue for
  5. Start a learning session.
  6. Notice that when the word is presented after an answer is wrong, the top is cut-off. That is this issue.
    Impact: some characters cannot distinguished from similar ones.

Correct one is: झाड़ू

Below example, the dot at the top is cut off, which changes actually the charachter into a different one, since there are ones with and ones without a dot. The field to type the correct answer does display the dot, though, fortunately.

Also cut off in multiple choice questions. It’s not as bad, but once I had slight difficulty reading it right. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to catch the picture in time… If I get a better, I’ll post, but so little time, because the timer is so fast …

Edit: another example:
Usually in the typing field, the letters show well. Not in the case below:
Correct one is: झाड़ू

Another example where the ‘r’ sound at the top is cut off:
Correct:बावर्चीख़ाना - notice the flag a the top in the middle the right part is actually a whole letter and the image cuts this nearly 100% off.

@memrisesupport: it will be very helpful if the spacing on the website could be adjusted in the next web-maintenance round. And many users will be very grateful. Zimorodokan made already a suggestion how to make it more adaptive (though this is for the whole screen):

They should indeed give more headroom for stacked letters - - same issue with some Tibetan words that have a big stacking.

Thanks. I’ve added Tibetan to the title. I really wish they’ll do something about it.
Oh, if you have a screenshot, it always helps to convince and clarify.