TOP-23 Language Learning Apps

Hi all! This is not ad but only my own apps review.
Memrise is TOP-6 in my rating and this in not bad.

There are hundreds of language learning apps and hundreds of reviews and comparisons. Actually most of the comparisons are about the same programs. Are the apps really helpful or this is only ad and marketing? Yes, and Yes.

I have been studying English using various methods and resources over five years. Language learning is not my greatest talent but I have achieved B2 level (from A2) using only my smartphone and PC. I found a set of features that really helps you study a foreign language. Some of them are crucial, others are just useful. Under the cut you will find a rating of the language learning apps that I composed by analyzing these features, As Objective As Possible.

TOP-23 Language Learning Apps


Can you check the link you provided? Seems like you got the wrong one …

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Yes, thank you! I corrected the link, it was wrong.

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Quite an interesting post! I do agree with pretty much all of your “factors”.

However, I wouldn’t treat tapping tests (2.1) as being generally useless. In fact I like them to quickly get many words “into my face”. This of course applies to words that I had already learned and repeated (spelled out) several times. In these cases it is enough to see them again without having to type them. This is what Memrise’s Speed Review does.

Keep us posted on the progress of Yarrow!

Tapping test is good for some users and useless for others.
Memrise could improve this function: just let users to switch this test off in user profile. This will increase the rating.

And I’m sorry but I can not discuss Yarrow on Memrise forum :slight_smile: