Top 10 Users With Highest Points

  1. Márcio_Th_VSF : 566,381,939

  2. romzez 547,007,277

Congratulations to everyone on this list. I adore your dedication and consistency in learning!
if you know other users with more points and is not in this list, please inform, thx.


Thanks, and here is the thread about an unofficial global leaderbord created by @neaz333:

The leaderboard itself is at


This is awesome!

For me the first question that comes to my mind is whether those scores were obtained without cheating, i.e., without exploiting loopholes as in many cases in the past. But even if no cheating is involved, my admiration is somewhat limited. This might be a personal problem though as for me this applies to every kind of “obsession”.

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There’s also another leaderboard similar to this which I believe hasn’t been updated recently. [This is the site if you’re interested It’s amazing how users like these devote so much time and effort to reach that amount of points. :clap:

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Can you check the link please? It’s not working.

Edited. Please let me know if it still isn’t functioning properly. :slight_smile:

Sorry, still not working. I’ve just checked the HTML, it shows an empty -tag, too:

For what it’s worth: in case something simply went wrong, I’d remove (or cut) the link-text to make sure it’s gone, then type it again, select it, hit Ctrl-K and paste the link into the dialog box.
Of course you could also just paste the link itself at the very end of your posting. :slight_smile:

I scrapped the text link and it’s now (hopefully) fixed. :blush:

Yes it does, cheers!

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