Too many classic reviews - I’ve just done about 10!

(Brahamshere) #1

I’m all for the benefits of repeatedly memorising words… but this insistant relentless surge of classic reviews happening currently is really discouraging me from continuing.

Today I was keen to move onto next section. Seeing that the reviews were taking some time I decided to knuckle in and slug it out to move onto the next level and start learning again. But I’ve done about 10 “classic reviews” today I think. And with my settings, each one isn’t quick. In my stats “words to review” was unchanged as well as “words mastered”.

Furthermore, so many of the reviews were painstakingly similar and I just felt like I was repeating myself.

What’s going on? Is this normal? Feel like I’ve wasted my time… surely this isn’t the way it’s meant to be. I’m sure I’ve proven myself numerous times today with my responses yet they keep getting brought up.

(Thomas Heiss) #2

How big is your backlog queue currently?
How many items do you have to water / review?

The mobile apps do not allow you to review too many items.

You can do 25/50/100 classic reviews on the web portal as the settings are different to the mobile apps.

You also can focus on 100% typing (strictly turning of tapping, listening audio exercises and multiple-choice) with Cooljingle’s Tampermonkey user script “all typing” exclusively on the web portal, so you will not be bombed with too many hints as the mobile apps do.

(khx333) #3

The iOS app should be re-designed so instead of a fixed amount of items for review you could specify any number.

(Casper Duo) #4

If you make a mistake the review cycle restart from scratch.
Mobile app is limited to a max of 50 items per review.

(Brahamshere) #5

Not sure how to check ‘backlog queue’. I had it set to 50 words to review per lesson. I was just going in circles in a horrendous nightmare. It seemed the app was in a weird glitch at the last part of the level, so I just proceeded manually to the next level. Been fine since.

Many thanks for all the suggestions!