Too big button on 'Learn with local' that overlaps words on the screen

(Darien2468827) #1

In ‘Learn with local’ option there is too big button (blue arrow) that overlaps words on the screen that user should click to choose the answer. If you try to select words that are overlapped by this button, the button is clicked and app treats it as mistake because correct words were not selected yet. It’s very annoying!
My OS - Android 7.0NRD90M
Phone - Xiaomi Redmi Note 4
App version - 2.94_8067_memrise

(Hipsu Kun) #2

The arrow gets in the way even when it’s not overlapping the words. I’ve accidentally thumbed it mid sentence several times now. Very annoying. In the screenshot the character ま is dangerously close. Actually, I’ve accidentally touched it simply by bringing the thumb over. I wish I could undo a misclick. I think the arrow should be repositioned elsewhere…

(Joshua) #3

Have you tried scrolling down the screen?

The hidden text should become more visible.