Toggle off the multiple choice?

Unsure where I am supposedd to post in forums. Sorry.

Is it possible to togge off the Muliple choice feature when I want to so it asks only the typing ones?
It’s helpful sometime but it just asks the same words over and over again - Just wondering if it’s an option - Thanks !

Hi @jrine1127, yes it is :slightly_smiling_face: Head to your learning settings and toggle off Tapping Tests.


Hi @MemriseSupport,
When The new Memrise experience (Beta) is enabled, I get multiple choice tests (instead of typing tests). I turned off Tapping Tests in the settings, but that doesn’t help. How can I disable multiple choice tests?


It’s looking like we don’t get to anymore (which is garbage).

Hi @abacabadabacaba, our web team is looking into this issue as users should still be presented with typing tests. Can you please confirm which course you are learning?


I have asked the same thing, I think there is no way to. It would be a nice option though!

Is this a do not respond ? I do have it toggled off.