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Hi Eric,

Thanks for reporting this. I was able to reproduce this, but only sporadically. Can you let me know the name of the course this occurs with for you?

I look forward to your response.



Unfortunately I can’t reproduce this with the first words of your course.

Do you have the content of this course saved elsewhere, e.g. a spreadsheet? In that case I would advise you to recreate the course ensuring you add words to a database, instead of directly to the course. You will then be able to generate smaller levels with 15/20 items each. This will make the course more manageable, faster to load and will also hopefully fix your issue.

Learn more below:

In the meanwhile, I’ve created a ticket for the problem, however since this only occurs rarely on our side and only on certain courses it seems, sadly at this time I do not have a timeframe for the fix.

I hope this helps for now.