TISUS - Course books


I have been looking for the recommended TISUS course books online, but I haven’t managed to find any of them yet. They all seem to be sold out. Does anybody have any spare copies of them (to buy), please? Or have any suggestions? The books I am hoping to get hold of are:

Testa läs och hör (Gentzel m fl, Bonniers, 2000)
Avancera ord (Mathlein, Skriptor Förlag ab, 1991)
Skrivtrappan (Alfredson, Folkuniversitetets förlag, 2002)

Thank you!

I can’t read Swedish, so I might have missed some essential information, but try these links for what it is worth:

Testa läs och hör Övningshäfte inkl. cd
Avancera Ord av Marianne Mathlein, Margareta Trevisani (Häftad) Avancera
Skrivtrappan (Alfredson, Folkuniversitetets förlag, 2002)

Thank you so much for these links. It was really kind of you!

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