Tired of being marked wrong in reviewing Portuguese for he is

Memrise is not clear in asking me how to translate “he is.” It never says whether it’s permanent or non-permanent. So I don’t know whether to use “ser” or “estar.” I’m always marked wrong when I say, “ele está.” I’m so frustrated that I deleted reviewing this particular question.

what course are you talking about?

for the official memrise course there is a separate forum

You were right to use the ignore button for this.
I have found items like this too, where two possible answers are so close you realise you need more context to know which one is right. You can report them to the course owner, but if you are find it frustrating then the best thing to do is just ignore so it never comes up again.

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Learn Basic Brazilian Portuguese .

this is confusing enough, when an e-mail to Memrise tells you to deal with the forum. :frowning:

Obrigada. I have to use 10 characters to answer. So annoying! :rage:

Hello Patricia,

How are you doing?

Could you please confirm exactly which course are you learning, so that we can check if this refers to our official ones or an user-generated one?



Patricia :smiley:

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Hi Patricia!

Hope you are having a great day!

Look, this is an older and non-official course. Please note that it’s been some months since we have a whole official course for Brazilian Portuguese (going from Brazilian Portuguese 1 to Brazilian Portuguese 7) and European Portuguese (also 1 to 7, these even with videos from native speakers! =) )

I know that stopping a current course and getting to a new one may be a bit frustrating, but I would encourage you to take a look at our official ones!
Here are the links for Brazilian Portuguese 1 and European Portuguese 1. If you feel this is too basic to your current skills, you may try the other ones (2 until 7).



I do hope you enjoy them!

Obrigado e tenha uma boa semana! =)



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??? you mean at least 10 characters?

Obrigada, Ignacio!


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