Tip for Transitioning Memrise Decks to Anki

Figured I’d drop this tip in here before the forums and community courses get nuked:

I have recently transitioned my main Bengali Memrise deck (which I have spent years building, roughly 20,000 cards) over to Anki using the CourseDump Chrome extension, after many months of putting it off. My biggest hesitancy to swapping to Anki was thinking that I’d have to start from scratch in terms of “re-planting” each card in order to get them up to a similar amount of time between each review as is presently the case with my Memrise deck (in other words, having to re-learn 20,000 cards starting from the beginning of the spaced repetition sequence).

However I’ve come to learn that you can pre-set the time before the next review period of imported cards in bulk to a chosen interval (for example, you could select the first 500 cards of a deck you’re familiar with and decide that you don’t want to see them for “60-70” days, and it will distribute those 500 cards for you over those 10 days, 60 days from now). Of course you can choose less cards or more cards, and make the interval as large or small as you like. Simply select ‘browse’ on the Anki home page on the desktop app, select the deck you’ve created in the left hand panel, highlight the batch of words for which you want to set a review interval, then right click and select “set due date”.

Perhaps everyone besides me knew this to be a feature of Anki, however it has made it far easier for me to swap over knowing I don’t have to immediately plough through 20,000 cards just to catch up to where I am now.