Time zone problems

The desktop site doesn’t seem to use the time zone I set in the settings.

  • Description of the issue: I have set the time zone in Memrise 4 hours before my actual time zone, because I often stay up past midnight and only do my courses before bed, but last night I lost all my streaks, because when I started past midnight, the site ignored my settings and went with my computer’s time. Today, now when I started practicing, the site still consideres this the same day, even though midnight has passed after I finished practicing last night, in my Memrise settings time zone. I don’t expect to get my streaks back, plus they were already inaccurate because of that earlier bug, when the streaks were stuck on the same day for several days, but I don’t want to worry about streaks possibly several hours before I’m ready to go to bed.

  • Using Firefox 82.0.2 (x64) on Windows 10, on a HP 820 G1.

  • Description of steps to reproduce the issue: just set your profile’s time zone back, I guess.

I’m uncertain as to whether this is a supported scenario, but I’ll tag @MemriseSupport and @ale_c for you, they should be able to lay out what has happened.

Thanks. It has been working fine until now.

Hi @Matt92HUN, just to confirm if I got this right - you are saying that the website changed your timezone from GMT+1 minus 4 hours to GMT+1 (Copenhagen time), which is your local time. Is that correct?

If so, I have a couple more questions:

  • What was your previous timezone? i.e. which option did you choose from the ‘Timezone’ list in your settings?

  • Have you recently learned in the app as well?
  • Have you recently deleted your cache and cookies on your browser or updated it?

I look forward to your response.



It is set to Greenland time (as shown on my screenshot) and my local time is Danish.
I haven’t used the app (it doesn’t let you type in the language you’re learning) and I haven’t changed anything about the browser I am using, plus it used to work in different browsers as well as on different browsers, without ever needing to change anything.

Thanks for the details. I had a look again and can see that the America/Danmarkshavn - Greenland (Danmarkshavn) timezone on our website is not GMT-3 but actually GMT+0.

I’m not sure why you lost your Streaks unfortunately, but it doesn’t look like this is a bug - more like a confusing list of timezones names not clearly specifying their GMT/UTC offset. :slight_smile:

If you wish to learn on the GMT-3 timezone, consider selecting the relevant one from the list (e.g. Moscow): https://24timezones.com/time-zone/gmt+3#gref

You can request a restoration of your streaks here: https://memri.se/319. Please allow up to 10 days for the Streaks to be restored.

Since this isn’t a technical issue, I’ll move this topic to our Feedback section now.

I hope this clears any confusion.



I didn’t change anything and now it works fine. Moscow time is GMT+3, not GMT-3, but whatever the issue was with the Greenland time zone, seems to be fixed now.

Hmm, the day now changes at 1 my time, apparently. So now it’s neither according to my time zone, nor according to the one I set settings.

hi @Matt92HUN,
You might want to remove your e-mail address from your screenshot.

By the way I set my profile to Unknown Region - GMT time to extend my day for at least one hour. Which seems to be working fine but I haven’t been practising that late recently.

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Thanks, I completely missed the e-mail. I guess, I’ll just try another time zone and see what happens.

So I set it to UTC-5, but it seemed to work according to UTC-2, so now I set it to Eastern Canada time and now my streaks are stuck.