Time to leave Memrise. Where to next?

As the developers have decided to ruin their service and stop providing offline mode, which us users pay for, this raises a question: what next?

Unless they undo this switch to “decks” which has neither an app nor an offline mode, I’m leaving.

Is anyone familiar with a good alternative app for flashcards? I am sure there are plenty of other companies that would appreciate our effort and money.


Various Anki solutions.

I still think there’s a good business opportunity for someone to create a class-room centric service with subscription model and ranking – so go for it. Memrise will not enter into this market, they rather compete in a crowded market with Duolingo et rest.

Let´s even speak somewhere else.

Would You mind creating some platform, facebook group or something where to discuss all related stuff?

It’s cooking there already!

Thanks … woah Reddit (I really dislike this one :joy::disappointed_relieved:) I’d prefer just having group for us those trying to find alternative (so rather some ex-memrise rather being under the umbrella of memrise communication)

Coincidentally , while not knowing this shit move of migration to the Deck - I had been through a process of designing some design of content-creators friendly alternative to Memrise.

The very thing which is bugging me all the 3 years I am here

  • Autors of Memrise are good, however they never thought of strategy of balancing content creatirs and content users.

This is mechanism explored and solved by Wikimedua/Wikipedia before and I had been there, so I thought those lessons should be used.

Maybe start a Google group and announce it. Please no Facebook. Twitter threads are also convoluted. Or a Discord/Slack channel. I would not mind jumping in, I think content creation learning tool market is a big one to be tapped. Still confused why Memrise didn’t do it but that’s their business decision.

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I’d love Discord.

However, I remember for how long I was reluctant to explore the Discord before (and I loved it after I tried) and it may easily be the case for others.

I’d join you guys on Discord. I’m aware of a website that’s doing exactly what you’re looking for, but I don’t think I should bluntly advertise it here.

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Then say it. Nobody gives a damn. There were a whole lot of links and competitors names throughout this day.

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Just a heads-up: the project is less than 1 year old and I’m a beta user from the very beginning. However, I’m in no way affiliated with the creator. The creator decided to develop his own SRS tool for his Japanese learning, and since I’m also a Japanese learner, I decided to help the project with feedback. The website is essentially around Japanese (but only for the sake of choosing a core market). However, it’s built to host any language you want. More than anything, the creator is always willing to listen to my feedback.

My advice would be for you guys to check the forums (https://community.kitsun.io/) and share your story and what you’re looking for in a new platform. The creator checks every post there.


Thanks, I’ll look into it. But seems they don’t have an app. :slight_smile: Anyway, I’ll try it.

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Yeah, there’s not an app, as the focus has been mainly of pushing new features instead. On Android, the web version works very well (better than Anki, Memrise, you name it). On iOS, not so much (due to some limitations Apple forces)… but there’s been discussions for an iOS app developed by an user.

They should just document the REST APIs so anyone could write an app – same with Memrise but I doubt they would do such thinking.

Yeah, there’s been talks to allow something like that to happen.