Tibetan font issue

Tibetan has letters on, above, and below the baseline, all in one syllable, such as སློབ་, which contains the characters “slob”, pronounced “lob”, meaning “school”.

When using the Memrise web site, the letters below the baseline are not being displayed. For example, to answer a question, a text box and a lot of character choices are displayed below the text box. Now, the new issue is that
the ླ nor any other character that should appear below the baseline is not displayed. Those characters aredisplayed in the text box when one types them in from a Tibetan keyboard or if one hits the “hint” box repeatedly.

When using the Memrise app, the Tibetan font so fouled up, I don’t even know how to begin to describe that utter mess. Needless to say, I don’t bother using the Memrise app for Tibetan. (I complained about that months, maybe years, ago but nothing was ever done about it. )

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I use memrise for Tibetan and I do not experience what you’re describing. I’m using a recent version of Chrome on MacOS.

Oh, well. I am using a 11th gen Ipad with ios 16.something. Also, the Tibetan characters don’t even show up in Windows 10 with the Chrome web browser. At all.