They have not refunded

I bought a years subscription within the 7 day trial period and requested a refund for my subscription within 2 days. At this point the charge was still pending in my bank account. Since sending the email to request a refund they have not responded to it and taken the amount from my account!

They have since ignored my email requesting a refund and not refunded the money. I tried to post on this website but had to make an account under the same email address I had with memrise. So had they deleted my account but not refunded?

Hi @gf397811453 our support team have not been working the past few days due to it being Christmas and national holidays in the UK. They will get back to you as soon as possible after tomorrow but will have a backlog of tickets to get through from their time off.
If you purchased via the google or Apple app stores you could try looking at your account with them as you can manage your subscriptions through them without needing Memrise to be involved, indeed for Apple we can’t actually do anything.

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Hi @gf397811453, we’ve now responded to your email. Please take a look when you can.