These Forums Need Linked Within The App

IMHO there needs to be a link or some sort of search function within the apps for phones/tablets that shows both the most popular user made sets and also an easy and obvious link to the forum so users can check out the newest created sets. Otherwise anything freshly made could be a great course but it gets buried in the older and popular courses and nobody will ever see it no matter how good or bad it is.

I myself didn’t even know these forums existed until years after I first had the app. I lost out on a lot of great courses along the way. It’s also frustrating to create something that you know at least someone with the app could benefit from but they have no way of knowing about a good portion of (or all) the user created apps. When I was first studying Latin I wish I had known about the awesome user made flashcards for the book LLPSI Familia Romana along with the Wheelock’s one as well, both sets even containing audio and all verb principal parts.

Anyhow, unless I am missing something in front of me within the app (wouldn’t be the first time) that’s my 2 cents. Memrise is such a fun and wonderful platform with so much potential that I feel is being partially lost.


This request has been brought up a zillion times, but I’m afraid Memrise doesn’t care. :roll_eyes:

The only place I know where you can find a link and thus see that there is a forum is in the website’s footer-section.
But that section is completely convoluted and not even sorted or grouped, so it’s next to impossible that someone stumbles over it …