There's an error in the lesson 3 of English (American) for Spanish (Spain) speakers

The translation for “I’m very thirsty” is “tengo mucha sed” which is right but the literal translation below says “estás tú sediento?”, that’s wrong because that means “are you thirsty?”

Link to the lesson: (I don’t know how to link to individual phrases or how to make Memrise display the literal translations unless I review all the words again)

There is also another error in Spanish lesson 5

The word llevar is translated in English as to spend time;to carry.

I’ve asked more then one Spanish person who has told me that’s incorrect.

The correct translation is’ to take’.

When you spend money on language app you don’t expect such significant translation errors.

Now seeing from the post above it obviously isn’t the only one.

Correct these errors or I will stop using this app and give an accurate rating on the appstore for the reasons why.

Thank you

It seems there is no forum thread for the course, even though it is an official Memrise course. The only course forum thread I can find is the one for UK-English which can be found here:

@MemriseSupport, @angileptol: isn’t there a course forum dedicated for US-english for Spanish speakers? This course here:

I don’t see that word in level 5 but that is not wrong. Those are two of many possible translations for llevar. The most common translation being “to take/ to carry/ to wear”. Also “to spend time/ to lead”.

It’s in lesson 5 and as stated I was told the opposite and even if that is the case other users are complaining of the same type of thing.

When learning a new language the information given has to be accurate, especially when you are charging for the information provided.

The creators of this app seriously need to sit down and go through the entire app and make sure all lesson are accurate and true.

Please advise them of this as it’s unfair to paying customers to be given false information.

Thank you

Hi, Olaf:

Thanks for letting us know, we’ll look into creating a thread for that.



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Hi @Do-not-spam-me,

Thanks for reporting that error, it has now been fixed and you’ll be able to see the updated translation if you log out and in again. Happy learning!

Best regards,


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