There is a captcha now at course creation time

I don’t remember seeing that before. It is a required field.


@MemriseMatty, is there any chance of moving to a different Captcha system? The current one uses ReCaptcha, which is blocked in China. This means that no users in China (including me) can create courses without using a VPN.

@Lien, would you mind taking a look at the question that I posted above? Today I was thinking about creating a course, but I can’t, because of the captcha issue.


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Hi Eli,

Thanks for letting me know.

The captcha has now been removed.

Best wishes,


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@Lien, Wow! Thank you so much! I don’t even know how many more things I would post if I often got responses like this!


@Lien, sorry, that last reply was kind of self-serving. Thank you, really, though.

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