The volume of learn with the locals is too quiet on mobile

When using learn with the locals, it’s a lot quieter than anything else. Meaning I have to turn the volume up and then when it’s not a video it’s too loud, please could you adjust audio and video volume to match?

That’s interesting — are you using Memrise on a phone with Android 9, by any chance? Because I’ve recently switched from a Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact with Android 8 to an Xperia 10 with Android 9, and I have the exact opposite problem now! The sounds used to be balanced well on my old phone, but now the videos are so much louder than anything else, Memrise has become very annoying to use.

I suspect this might be an Android bug and not a Memrise one, because I have the same problem in other apps. For example, games played at normal volume almost blow my speakers out when they start playing an ad video.